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Gabriele Menken-Sichau  

After her studies of Social Sciences, History, Philosophy and Pedagogy and a leading teaching position at a private institute, Ms Menken-Sichau has been working since 1995 as an independent management consultant and trainer.

She concentrates on Coaching. Other priorities are: counselling and assistance for the styling of the future of an enterprise, for the development of general company and leadership principles, for the intensification of the communication within the company and for the implementing of a continuous improvement concept. Employee training to expand leadership capacities, improvement of team work or optimisation of process chains. She presents and monitors workshops and gives assistance for the development of concepts in quality management. Apart from the classical methods of training and coaching, she also employs elements of her special training in TZI as well as in Whole-Self Discovery & Development.


Gabriele Menken-Sichau

Managementconsultant and Coach

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