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One alternative is...

to find your way individually...


Individual Coaching

You want to become clear of your professional future, to strengthen your self-confidence, to extend your competence to act, to fine-tune your ability of handling conflicts, to reach your defined goals, to find a good balance between your professional and your private life projects – in order to be successful and stay healthy at the same time.

The key to all of this are you.

Within a protected framework, Individual Coaching opens the door to more recognition, freedom and new possibilities. In the beginning there is always an initial conversation to discern problems and goals. A coaching concept will be elaborated especially for you. Following this concept we will develop a sequence of measures together and you will be able to translate these into action.
Sessions might last from one hour to one day. Experience shows that the initial conversation takes about three hours. According to urgency and difficulty, the following meetings will take place in 14-day intervals or every month. Normally, the dates for the initial and the final encounters will be fixed from the beginning.

Team-/ Group-Coaching