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Dr. med. Marianne Miller  

Medical school and doctorate (thesis: Leader inventions in self ex-
perience groups) at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. Further education as specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy followed by long professional activity as specialist at various clinical institutions. Completed further education in daydream psychotherapy (KIP).

10 years deputy director of the department of psychiatry and psychotherapy

2002 - Training in Coaching at the CIP in Munich,
since then working as coach

2004 - Additional training in provocative style at the Institute for Provocative Style in Munich

2006 - Diversity Training, certified by the ÄK Nordrhein

2007 - Training in "Synergetic EMDR" (bilateral brain stimulation) for the use in consulting and coaching

Dr. Miller is the mother of a grown-up son and mother-in-law. She loves diving, hiking in the mountains and travelling between cultures, having a strong affinity to Arabian, Indian and Chinese cultures.


Dr. med.
Marianne Miller

Specialist physician,
medical systems analyst, coach