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Asha Thomas-Knoell  

Born 1965 in Kerala/South India.

Studies of Indian Natural Healing Medicine and Yogy Therapy at Osmania University in Hyderabad. Several years of professional experience at a hospital and later in her own clinic.

Since 1993 married in Germany, lives and works predominantly in Germany. In the areas of Ayurveda health and nutrition counselling, yoga therapy and stress management, she employs Eastern wisdom for Western needs. Every year, she spends several months in India, in order to continue her training in a variety of fields. The intimacy with both cultures enables her to teach intercultural competence to executives in both countries, to provide them with successful access to another understanding of the self and the world, as well as of a different work culture and mentality.


Asha Thomas-Knoell

Physician and yoga therapist

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