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Anita Büttner-Streck  

Completed a full time course as cosmetics specialist in Bochum; she has continued her education with a facial make-up design course in Hamburg and has trained to be counsellor for color, style and image. She works in her own institute; apart from that, she teaches make-up courses and organizes workshops.
In our workshops for women in leading positions, she lectures on the topic: Dress codes for female executives and top managers. – "Do's and don'ts" in business ( What should a woman wear, what shouldn't she wear?) Where is the dividing line between individual, personalised outfit and inacceptable appearance? What are the classic dress codes and where do modern tendencies lead?
With the help of Ms Büttner-Streck, you find out about such details. Your true personality will radiate more intensively, you will boost your self esteem – in other words: you will simply feel a lot better.


Anita Büttner-Streck


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